Scott Palmer Racing's Preseason Test

I got the opportunity to spend couple days with the Magic Dry top fuel team and driver Scott Palmer as his team tested in Phoenix to get ready for the 2019 NHRA Mello Yello drag racing series season.


After two straight top ten finishes the entire Scott Palmer Racing team is hungry to improve off a season that saw them run their best numbers, win more rounds than ever before and even appear in their first ever final round at this track in February.

The crew for Scott Palmer getting the car ready for the first test pass of the 2019 season

Longtime crew member Rick Ducusin adding the nitromethane fuel prior to the warm-up

Crew member Bob Szelag helping out a new crew member Connor Wilson fasten a few of the body panels onto the car

Scott hopping in the car for the first warm up

Scott is suiting up and talking to fellow top fuel driver Mike Salinas

The entire crew looking over the warm-up procedure that will include the famous throttle whack.

The crew in the staging lanes prior to making their first test pass

Scott's crew lining the dragster up on the starting line for the first test pass

Scott's son Tyler and Rick Ducusin make the final adjustments prior to the run

Scott's first run would be a solid one as a planed half track run saw incremental times that were close to the career best numbers he ran at the last race of the 2018 season

After the run the crew goes back to work in tearing the engine apart and rebuilding everything for the second pass of the day

The crew can tear down the engine to the bare block and rebuild everything including clutch assembly in about 35-40 minutes in a routine turn around

Scott is talking over the previous run with Todd Haas and Rick Ducusin

After the run Scott goes over the computer notes from data recorder from the previous run and makes tune up changes for the next pass

Rick talking things over with another crew member Matt Hinkle 

Scott inside the cockpit during the warmup prior to the second run of the day

Chrystal Shiveley holding little Maci one of Scott's pups that serves as a team mascot

The car being towed up to the staging lanes for the second run of the day

Another new crew member Jessica Vejar backing down the motor prior to the third run

Scott getting suited up for the 2nd pass and chatting with friend Keith Goolsby

Scott strapped in and all ready to roll for the next pass

Crew members Matt Thompson & Jessica Vejar making last second adjustments prior to starting the car

Rick guiding back Scott after the burnout

Making final adjustments and preparing for launch

Everybody on the starting line ready for launch

DSC_2030 (2).jpg

Connor and Matt well into the engine rebuild after the second run

Another new crew member for Scott's team this year is Matt Thompson working on the bottom end of the engine

Jessica cleaning the dragster body as the team prepares for the final pass of the day

Scott performing the burnout on the final run of the day. He would use this run to test a tire for Goodyear

Crew member Matt Hinkle pushing Scott back from the burnout

A nice beautiful flames up launch at sunset would cap off the final run of testing for Scott and the team while the car would shake a couple hundred feet off the line and he would have to shutoff the test for Goodyear procured five new sets of tires for the team which helps offset some of the cost of the test

Hustle and bustle after finishing the final run of the day

While the team would not make any passes on Saturday they would spend the day going over every piece and part on the dragster getting ready for the season opening Winternationals the following weekend

Here is Scott applying the new decals of new sponsor Magic Dry to the side of the dragster. Magic Dry is another Tommy Thompson company and a sister product to CatSpot. Magic Dry can not only be used as an oil absorbent but can clean up any liquid spill from antifreeze to oil to hydraulic fluids. Like CatSpot it is all natural made entirely from coconuts

Tyler Palmer is spending the time servicing all of the superchargers. He is replacing the teflon strips in the supercharger rotors

Matt Hinkle is seen here servicing a couple of the cylinder heads making sure they are fresh and ready to go for Pomona

Jessica Vejar is working on the tire and wheel assembly making sure everything is in order

Matt Thompson cleaning off an oil pan used on one of the runs yesterday

This concludes the two days I spent with the entire SPR/Magic Dry racing team chronicling the team's test to get ready for the 2019 Mello Yello Drag Racing Series season. Scott and the team will pack up and head out Tuesday for Pomona, CA to kick off the 2019 season. They will all be back at the end of February to compete at the 35th annual NHRA Arizona Nationals which will be sponsored by Scott's sponsor Magic Dry. 

A big thanks goes out to Scott Palmer, Rick Ducusin, Bob Szelag, Todd Haas, Chrystal Shiveley, Tyler Palmer, Matt Hinkle, Jessica Vejar, Matt Thompson & the entire SPR/Magic Dry top fuel team for letting me tag along for a couple days. Good luck in the 2019 NHRA Season and may you whack the throttle and raise wallys all over the country this season.

Here is a link to Magic Dry and about the product