PKRA Summer Race #2

On May 30th, 2020 the Phoenix Kart Racing Association held its second race of the summer season. Kart racers battled tough conditions all day and into the evening with brutal 110-degree temperatures making the track hot and slick during the afternoon and strong winds blowing through the facility at sunset provided more challenges. Even with those tough conditions, the racers all put on a great show through the seven classes that competed.

Kid-Kart Class

Kid Kart-2.jpg

The kid kart class was the first to hit the track for opening practice. #69-Jameison DeWolfe.

Kid Kart-4.jpg

#43-Troy Ferguson during the opening practice.

Kid Kart-3.jpg

#9-Tyson Underwood.

Kid Kart-14.jpg

#4-Conner Lypka.

Kid Kart-22.jpg

#58-Declan Shields.

Kid Kart-29.jpg

#18-Riley Jacks.

Kid Kart-40.jpg

#1-Lucas Tarango.

Kid Kart-34.jpg
Kid Kart-36.jpg

There was some great racing during the heat race. #18-Riley Jacks trying to hold off #1-Lucas Tarango & #69-Jaemison DeWolfe battles #4-Conner Lypka.

Kid Kart-33.jpg

#38-Kevin Ruth would have a great Saturday as he swept the event, won the pole, won the heat race, and won the feature race.

Kid Kart-27.jpg

Feature race winner #38-Kevin Ruth.

Kid Kart-26.jpg

2nd place finisher #9-Tyson Underwood

Kid Kart-28.jpg

3rd place finisher #25-Lucas Hilburn.

206 Jr. I Class

206 I-43.jpg

206 Jr. I class winner from the opening race Truly Adams takes to the track for opening practice.

206 I-1.jpg

#95-Ashton Woon head-on into my frame in the hairpin corner.

206 I-10.jpg

#71-Brenton Gibbons.

206 I-3.jpg
206 I-4.jpg

Even during the practice session, the racers were racing pretty hard. #11-Ryan Queen racing #20-Kyle Drysdale and #18-Johnie Stamps ahead of #24-Nixx Eggleston.

206 I-17.jpg

#95-Ashton Woon leads a group into the hairpin that included Truly Adams, Bowen Lee Kuykendall & Jacob Longenecker.

206 I-27.jpg

#99-Braylon Underwod.

206 I-18.jpg

#124-Zoe Easton & #11-Ryan Queen.

206 I-50.jpg

#3-Jacob Longenecker battles to the inside of #4-Bowen Lee Kuykendall.

206 I-56.jpg

#175-Connor Power.

206 I-58.jpg

#25-Jennifer Owens.

206 I-60.jpg
206 I-57.jpg

#67-Weston Crosby & #26-Corbin Rueschenberg.

206 I-54.jpg
206 I-62.jpg

#124-Zoe Easton goes for a mid-qualifying spin but recovers and keeps on racing.

206 I-66.jpg

#11-Ryan Queen.

206 I-69.jpg

#25-Jennifer Owens racing alone in the desert at the PKRA facility.

206 I-72.jpg

#4-Bowen Lee Kuykendall leads the field on the opening lap of the heat race.

206 I-74.jpg

Another pack of karts lead by #44-Truly Adams races into the hairpin.

206 I-76.jpg

Eventual heat race winner #20-Kyle Drysdale leads a pack out of the hairpin.

206 I-93.jpg

#67-Weston Crosby holding off #11-Ryan Queen.

206 I-85.jpg
206 I-86.jpg

#99-Braylon Underwood attempting to pass #25-Jennifer Owens while #95-Ashton Woon holds off #26-Corbin Rueschenberg & #18-Johnie Stamps.

206 I-82.jpg
206 I-80.jpg

The tight racing and hot track made things treacherous as #44-Truly Adams & #99-Braylon Underwood would both go for spins in the heat race.

206 I-34.jpg

Pole winner & Feature race winner #4-Bowen Lee Kuykendall.

206 I-33.jpg

2nd place finisher #3-Jacob Longenecker.

206 I-35.jpg

3rd place finisher #44-Truly Adams.

206 Jr. II Class

206 II-9.jpg

#15-Lydia Small.

206 II-11.jpg

#20-Simon Hansen during the practice session.

206 II-12.jpg

#22-Parker Carroll.

#97-Jessie Owens trying to pass to the inside of #23-Gunnar Ray.

206 II-3.jpg

#7-Landon Billy ahead of #15-Lydia Small.

206 II-7.jpg

#36-Noah Ross runs outside of #25-Johnathan Schwyn.

206 II-16.jpg
206 II-25.jpg

#22-Parker Carroll would claim the pole for the heat race during qualifying.

206 II-24.jpg

#25-Johnathan Schwyn.

206 II-26.jpg

#36-Noah Ross.

206 II-35.jpg
206 II-37.jpg

The tight Jr. II field on the opening lap of the heat race.

206 II-39.jpg

#15-Lydia Small & #64-Leighton Lassak nose to tail out of the hairpin.

206 II-40.jpg

#4-Michael Cruzado leading #20-Simon Hansen & #7-Landon Bily during the heat race.

206 II-42.jpg

Some more good close competition during the heat race.

206 II-44.jpg

#55-Kane Pexa would go on to win the heat race and parlay that into the feature win later in the night.

206 II-32.jpg

Feature winner #55-Kane Pexa.

206 II-11.jpg

2nd place finisher #20-Simon Hansen.

206 II-28.jpg

3rd place finisher #97-Jessie Owens.

206 Senior Class

206 Masters-5.jpg

#1-Phil De La O led the 206 Senior class out onto the track for the practice session.

206 Masters-12.jpg

#10-Austin Kromberg.

206 Masters-17.jpg

#99-Sean Santostefano.

206 Masters-20.jpg

Senior class runner-up from two weeks prior #17-Logan Tornell.

206 Masters-21.jpg

#14-Clara Hill.

206 Masters-2.jpg

#6-Ryan Casillas.

206 Masters-27.jpg

#73-Micah Hendricks would have a strong start to the day winning the pole and heat race only to be undone by a broken drive chain in the feature race.

206 Senior-35.jpg

#17-Logan Tornell & #99-Sean Santostefano nose to tail in qualifying.

206 Senior-43.jpg

Phil De La O leads the field out of the hairpin on the opening lap of the heat race.

206 Senior-48.jpg

#14-Clara Hill leads the quartet of Sean Santostefano, Ryan Casillas & Austin Kromberg during the heat race.

206 Senior-55.jpg
206 Senior-57.jpg

Phil De La O & Micah Hendricks would not only have a great battle during the heat race but during the feature race as well.

206 Senior-30.jpg

Feature winner #1-Phil De La O.

206 Senior-37.jpg

2nd place finisher #99-Sean Santostefano.

206 Senior-31.jpg

3rd place finisher #17-Logan Tornell.

206 Masters Class.

206 Sr-1.jpg

#67-Rich Alten starting off a dominating performance during opening practice.

206 Sr-5.jpg

#47-Bernie Lacotta.

206 Sr-6.jpg

#17-Brad Jacks.

206 Sr-8.jpg

#98-Mike Low.

206 Sr-2.jpg

#28-Thierry Bousquet ahead of #47-Bernie LaCotta.

206 Sr-3.jpg

#41-Don Robinson leading #17-Brad Jacks.

206 Masters-21.jpg

Masters class racing under the hot sun in the shadow of the Thunderbird conservation mountains.

206 Masters-27.jpg

First lap of the heat race.

206 Masters-28.jpg

#41-Don Robinson makes contact with #17-Brad Jacks on the opening lap.

206 Masters-30.jpg

#98-Mike Low battling #28-Theirry Bousquet.

206 Masters-43.jpg

#86-Rich Bowen joins the battle a couple laps later.

206 Masters-32.jpg

#41-Don Robinson.

206 Masters-12.jpg

Rich Alten had a clean sweep: Pole, Heat victory and Feature win.

206 Masters-13.jpg

2nd place finisher #28-Theirry Bousquet.

206 Masters-17.jpg

3rd place finisher #86-Rich Bowen.

TAG Micro Cadet

TAG Cadet-6.jpg

#99-Braylon Underwood.

TAG Cadet-7.jpg

#8-Zate Legend.

TAG Cadet-12.jpg

#17-Jax Small.

TAG Cadet-15.jpg

#18-Johnie Stamps.

TAG Cadet-22.jpg

#51-Ian Torfi.

TAG Cadet-8.jpg

#1-Sebastian Cortes.

TAG Cadet-31.jpg

#18-Johnie Stamps drafting #44-Truly Adams in qualifying.

TAG Cadet-39.jpg

#51-Ian Torfi going for a spin in front of #17-Jax Small.

TAG Cadet-41.jpg

#20-Kyle Drysdale on his pole-winning run during qualifying.

TAG Cadet-44.jpg

As the sun began to set the TAG micro cadet heat race got underway.

TAG Cadet-47.jpg

#20-Kyle Drysdale leading #95-Ashton Woon in the early parts of the heat race.

TAG Cadet-50.jpg

Eyes of focus and concentration for Jax Small during the heat race.

TAG Cadet-48.jpg
TAG Cadet-49.jpg

Tight battles were the highlight of the heat race.

TAG Cadet-23.jpg

Kyle Drysdale would sweep the pole, heat race & feature win.

TAG Cadet-24.jpg

2nd place finisher #95-Ashton Woon.

TAG Cadet-32.jpg

3rd place finisher #26-Corbin Rueschenberg.

TAG 100

TAG 100-1.jpg

206 Senior class winner Phil De La O would also run in the TAG 100 class.

TAG 100-15.jpg

#15-Juvenal Junior Mendez.

TAG 100-6.jpg

#363-Tommy Traylor.

TAG 100-18.jpg

#58-Keith Sears.

TAG 100-2.jpg

Opening practice like in most classes featured tight racing even though everyone was only racing against the clock.

TAG 100-11.jpg

#922-Karson Porter.

TAG 100-21.jpg

#952-Tyler Ruth during qualifying.

TAG 100-22.jpg

#907-Jake Venberg.

TAG 100-27.jpg

#952-Tyler Ruth, #313-Jenson Altzman & #907-Jake Venberg tightly bunched together during qualifying.

TAG 100-31.jpg
TAG 100-30.jpg

#85-Bill Scheets & #908-Toby Logenecker.

TAG 100-35.jpg

#977-Roman Madrigal.

TAG 100-38.jpg

#21-Cooper O'Clair.

TAG 100-41.jpg

With the sun behind the clouds and the wind starting to blow the heat race for the TAG 100 class got underway.

TAG 100-42.jpg

#904-Carson Mallett racing #313-Jenson Altzman.

TAG 100-44.jpg

The front four cars led by #313-Micah Hendricks all had a great battle throughout the heat race.

TAG 100-51.jpg

As I looked behind where I was standing I noticed the sun peeking through some low lying trees and thought it made for some nice shots. #15-Juvenal Junior Mendez.

TAG 100-53.jpg

#908-Toby Longenecker leads #977-Roman Madrigal & #21-Cooper O'Clair in a draft down the back stretch.

TAG 100-20.jpg

Micah Hendricks made up for the heartbreak in the Senior class by sweeping the pole, heat and feature races in the TAG 100 class.

TAG 100-37.jpg

2nd place finisher #313-Jenson Altzman.

TAG 100-24.jpg

3rd place finisher #1-Phil De La O.

This wraps up the PKRA Summer Race #2 held on a hot late May afternoon. The next race will be held on Saturday June 13th, 2020.

CLICK HERE to access the photo gallery from this race and to PURCHASE PRINTS

CLICK HERE to access the photo gallery from this race and to PURCHASE PRINTS