PKRA Summer Race #1

After two months of being cooped up in the house due to the COVID-19 restrictions that were placed, there was finally a reason to get out and enjoy some racing. A buddy of mine races karts and he invited me to a Phoenix Kart Racing Association race at their facility in north Phoenix. It was the first time I had ever been to a karting race let alone shot photos. I was intimidated at the fact of shooting really small cars going really fast but after some getting use to I came away with some good shots.

I met up with my buddy Ryan Casillas as he was prepping his kart for that evening of racing. While there were a lot of racers with trailers full of parts, newer chassis, and fancy data recorders, he was doing it old school as a one-man band out of the bed of his pickup truck.

PKRA Race-5.jpg
PKRA Race-6.jpg

The first class to hit the track for qualifying was the Kid-Kart class. This class is for kids aged 5-7 and while they do not race in competition or in timed runs, they learn proper racing etiquette and good sportsmanship. This is Kevin Ruth exiting a hairpin.

PKRA Race-8.jpg

Declan Shields racing hard off of the hairpin.

PKRA Race-10.jpg

Youngster Troy Ferguson under full speed.

PKRA Race-12.jpg

Jaemison Dewolfe showing good focus as he makes his way around the track.

PKRA Race-16.jpg

Polesitter, #9-Tyson Underwood leads #38-Kevin Ruth out of the corner.

PKRA Race-18.jpg

Cool head-on shot of Connor Lypka.

PKRA Race-15.jpg

Declan Shields got a little loose off the hairpin and spun out but he got back out on the track and kept on racing.

PKRA Race-21.jpg

The next class to hit the track was the 206 Jr.-1 class. These are for 7-13 y/o and run a spec Briggs & Stratton 206cc engine. 

Corbin Rueschenberg races off of the corner during his qualifying session.

PKRA Race-36.jpg

The qualifying sessions are run in a group format and last 5 minutes with the best lap determining qualifying spots for the heat races. 

This is Braylon Underwood during his qualifying session.

PKRA Race-25.jpg

#24 Nixx Eggleston leading #18 Johnie Stamps out of the hairpin.

PKRA Race-38.jpg
PKRA Race-27.jpg

One of the things I enjoy bout shooting in the late afternoon light is that you can clearly see the eyes of a driver in the helmet, it always shows the focus of the driver. Here is the #21 Cooper O'Clair & #95 of Ashton Woon.

PKRA Race-33.jpg

Jaxon Porter in what looked to be a new kart races off of the corner.

PKRA Race-34.jpg
PKRA Race-35.jpg

While they are only racing against the clock during qualifying there was some good action between the racers.

PKRA Race-33.jpg

Jaxon Porter in what looked to be a new kart races off of the corner.

PKRA Race-41.jpg

After a decent amount of time squatting I decided to give my knees a break and shoot the cars going through the banked corner. Bowen lee Kuykendall races through the banked corner on the way to setting the fastest lap in qualifying.

PKRA Race-44.jpg
PKRA Race-47.jpg

#42 Teagan Castle & #12 Chase Brackley.

PKRA Race-42.jpg

Class main-event winner Truly Adams during his qualifying run.

PKRA Race-50.jpg
PKRA Race-52.jpg

#71-Brenton Gibbons #67-Weston Crosby #124-Zoe Easton #175-Connor Power.

PKRA Race-53.jpg
PKRA Race-51.jpg
PKRA Race-54.jpg

The next class to hit the track was the 206-JR2 class which runs the same engine just different tires and is ran by 12-15 year olds. Landon Bily is navigating the hairpin in this photo.

PKRA Race-63.jpg
PKRA Race-64.jpg

#97-Jesse Owens #32-Paco Mason #55-Kane Pexa #02-Ashton Torgerson (Class Runner-Up)

PKRA Race-65.jpg
PKRA Race-66.jpg
PKRA Race-56.jpg

Polesitter for the Jr2 class was Leighton Lassak.

PKRA Race-55.jpg

Gunnar Ray

PKRA Race-60.jpg

Parker Carroll

PKRA Race-58.jpg

Johnathan Schwyn leads a hard-charging Jesse Owens through the hairpin.

PKRA Race-70.jpg

The next class to hit the track was the 206 Senior & Master classes which were combined into one feature. The senior class is for anyone ages 16-40 and the masters class is for anyone aged 40 and over. Kevin Hill in #26 was one of the first karts to hit the track.

PKRA Race-69.jpg

This was the class my buddy Ryan raced in. Here he is making some laps during the qualifying session.

PKRA Race-72.jpg

Sean Santostefano.

PKRA Race-74.jpg

One of the neater looking karts in the race was that of Rei Carvalho. It was painted like the McLaren F1 cars that the great Ayrton Senna & Alain Prost campaigned in the late 80's and early 90's.

PKRA Race-73.jpg

#59-Ron Martin leads a bunched up field including #86-Rich Bowen, #47-Bernie Lacotta & #6-Ryan Casillas out of the hairpin.

PKRA Race-75.jpg
PKRA Race-76.jpg

Senior class winner #188-Austin Torgerson & runner-up #17-Bradly Jacks

PKRA Race-78.jpg
PKRA Race-77.jpg

Even though it was only qualifying there were some good side-by-side battles. #12-Rei Carvalho moves to the inside of #59-Ron Martin and Ron also battled Ryan Casillas on the inside.

PKRA Race-81.jpg

The final class to qualify was the shifter kart class. This was the fastest class in competition. They run 125cc engines with 6-speed transmissions that can reach upwards of 100 mph. This is class winner Jason Campbell.    

PKRA Race-82.jpg

David Williams.

PKRA Race-80.jpg

#422-Karson Porter & #533-Jason Campbell.

PKRA Race-83.jpg

Scott Cebulski.

PKRA Race-87.jpg

The TAG-100 Jr. class hit the track next. This is #20-Kyle Drysdale who would put his kart on the pole in qualifying.

PKRA Race-89.jpg

Class runner-up Corbin Rueschenberg.

PKRA Race-84.jpg

Dean Gilmore.

PKRA Race-91.jpg

David Cooke Jr. in the TAG-100 class.

PKRA Race-94.jpg

TAG-100 Jr. class winner Steven Grafton.

PKRA Race-92.jpg
PKRA Race-93.jpg

#363-Tommy Taylor & TAG-100 sr. class runner-up #313-Jenson Altzman.

PKRA Race-97.jpg

After qualifying completed there was a half-hour dinner break and then it was time for the heat races with the Kid-Kart class leading it off. #69-Jameison DeWolfe makes his onto the backstretch.

PKRA Race-98.jpg

Tyson Underwood parlayed his pole run in qualifying into a 2nd place finish in the heat race to earn him a great starting spot in the feature.

PKRA Race-101.jpg
PKRA Race-102.jpg

#4-Conner Lypka & #18-Riley Jacks.
#38-Kevin Ruth would win the Kid-Kart heat race.

PKRA Race-104.jpg

The Jr.1 class ran their heat race next. Here is Chase Brackley.

PKRA Race-107.jpg

#71-Brenton Gibbons.

PKRA Race-105.jpg
PKRA Race-110.jpg

#99-Braylon Underwood races underneath #124-Zoe Easton and then under the #22-Jaxon Porter.

#44-Truly Adams was the heat race winner for Jr.1 class.

PKRA Race-112.jpg

Next up was the Jr. 2 heat race. Landon Billy was the runner-up in the heat race.

PKRA Race-115.jpg

Parker Carroll with some battle scars on the side pod of his kart.

PKRA Race-116.jpg
PKRA Race-117.jpg

#48-David Williams underneath #7-Landon Billy. #23-Gunnar Ray passes #4-Michael Cruzado.

#2-Ashton Torgerson took home the win in the Jr.2 heat race.

PKRA Race-118.jpg

206 Sr./Masters combined class was next. Here is Phil De La O who was a DNF in the heat race.

PKRA Race-122.jpg

Austin Kromberg.

PKRA Race-119.jpg
PKRA Race-120.jpg

#17-Bradly Jacks & #250-Steve Bates battling for 8th in the heat race. A battle of Tony-Karts #99-Sean Santostefano passes #6-Ryan Casillas.

PKRA Race-121.jpg

The Sr./Masters heat winner was #188-Austin Torgerson.

PKRA Race-127.jpg

#7-Wes Lee takes to the track for the shifter class heat race.

PKRA Race-125.jpg

#482-Carlee Taylor holding off #533-Jason Campbell for 2nd spot in the heat race that was ultimately won by #73-Micah Hendricks.

After the shifter kart heat-races, I was unable to use my flash for the rest of the evening so the photos I tried to get were not up to my standards so these were the results of the feature races.

Kid-Kart Feature:
1st: #38-Kevin Ruth
2nd: #9-Tyson Underwood

3rd: #25-Lucas Hilburn

LO206 Jr. 1 Feature:

1st: #44-Truly Adams

2nd: #3-Jacob Longenecker

3rd: #20-Kyle Drysdale

LO206 Jr. 2 Feature:

1st: #48-David Williams

2nd: #02-Ashton Torgerson

3rd: #15-Lydia Small

LO206 Sr./Masters Feature:

1st: #188-Austin Torgerson

2nd: #17-Logan Tornell

3rd: #1-Phil De La O


1st: #67-Rich Alten

2nd: #17-Bradly Jacks

3rd: #86-Rich Bowen

Shifter Class Feature:

1st: #73-Micah Hendricks

2nd: #533-Jason Campbell

3rd: #482-Carlee Taylor

Tag Micro Cadet Feature:

1st: #44-Truly Adams

2nd: #26-Corbin Rueschenburg

3rd: #18-Johnie Stamps

Tag 100 Feature:

1st: #1-Phil De La O

2nd: #313-Jenson Altzman

3rd: #24-Cole Hamel

Dean Gilmore.