PKRA Summer Race #1

After two months of being cooped up in the house due to the COVID-19 restrictions that were placed, there was finally a reason to get out and enjoy some racing. A buddy of mine races karts and he invited me to a Phoenix Kart Racing Association race at their facility in north Phoenix. It was the first time I had ever been to a karting race let alone shot photos. I was intimidated at the fact of shooting really small cars going really fast but after some getting use to I came away with some good shots.

I met up with my buddy Ryan Casillas as he was prepping his kart for that evening of racing. While there were a lot of racers with trailers full of parts, newer chassis, and fancy data recorders, he was doing it old school as a one-man band out of the bed of his pickup truck.

The first class to hit the track for qualifying was the Kid-Kart class. This class is for kids aged 5-7 and while they do not race in competition or in timed runs, they learn proper racing etiquette and good sportsmanship. This is Kevin Ruth exiting a hairpin.

Declan Shields racing hard off of the hairpin.

Youngster Troy Ferguson under full speed.

Jaemison Dewolfe showing good focus as he makes his way around the track.

Polesitter, #9-Tyson Underwood leads #38-Kevin Ruth out of the corner.

Cool head-on shot of Connor Lypka.

Declan Shields got a little loose off the hairpin and spun out but he got back out on the track and kept on racing.

The next class to hit the track was the 206 Jr.-1 class. These are for 7-13 y/o and run a spec Briggs & Stratton 206cc engine. 

Corbin Rueschenberg races off of the corner during his qualifying session.

The qualifying sessions are run in a group format and last 5 minutes with the best lap determining qualifying spots for the heat races. 

This is Braylon Underwood during his qualifying session.

#24 Nixx Eggleston leading #18 Johnie Stamps out of the hairpin.

One of the things I enjoy bout shooting in the late afternoon light is that you can clearly see the eyes of a driver in the helmet, it always shows the focus of the driver. Here is the #21 Cooper O'Clair & #95 of Ashton Woon.

Jaxon Porter in what looked to be a new kart races off of the corner.

While they are only racing against the clock during qualifying there was some good action between the racers.

Jaxon Porter in what looked to be a new kart races off of the corner.

After a decent amount of time squatting I decided to give my knees a break and shoot the cars going through the banked corner. Bowen lee Kuykendall races through the banked corner on the way to setting the fastest lap in qualifying.

#42 Teagan Castle & #12 Chase Brackley.

Class main-event winner Truly Adams during his qualifying run.

#71-Brenton Gibbons #67-Weston Crosby #124-Zoe Easton #175-Connor Power.

The next class to hit the track was the 206-JR2 class which runs the same engine just different tires and is ran by 12-15 year olds. Landon Bily is navigating the hairpin in this photo.

#97-Jesse Owens #32-Paco Mason #55-Kane Pexa #02-Ashton Torgerson (Class Runner-Up)

Polesitter for the Jr2 class was Leighton Lassak.

Gunnar Ray

Parker Carroll

Johnathan Schwyn leads a hard-charging Jesse Owens through the hairpin.

The next class to hit the track was the 206 Senior & Master classes which were combined into one feature. The senior class is for anyone ages 16-40 and the masters class is for anyone aged 40 and over. Kevin Hill in #26 was one of the first karts to hit the track.

This was the class my buddy Ryan raced in. Here he is making some laps during the qualifying session.

Sean Santostefano.

One of the neater looking karts in the race was that of Rei Carvalho. It was painted like the McLaren F1 cars that the great Ayrton Senna & Alain Prost campaigned in the late 80's and early 90's.

#59-Ron Martin leads a bunched up field including #86-Rich Bowen, #47-Bernie Lacotta & #6-Ryan Casillas out of the hairpin.

Senior class winner #188-Austin Torgerson & runner-up #17-Bradly Jacks

Even though it was only qualifying there were some good side-by-side battles. #12-Rei Carvalho moves to the inside of #59-Ron Martin and Ron also battled Ryan Casillas on the inside.

The final class to qualify was the shifter kart class. This was the fastest class in competition. They run 125cc engines with 6-speed transmissions that can reach upwards of 100 mph. This is class winner Jason Campbell.    

David Williams.

#422-Karson Porter & #533-Jason Campbell.

Scott Cebulski.

The TAG-100 Jr. class hit the track next. This is #20-Kyle Drysdale who would put his kart on the pole in qualifying.

Class runner-up Corbin Rueschenberg.

Dean Gilmore.

David Cooke Jr. in the TAG-100 class.

TAG-100 Jr. class winner Steven Grafton.

#363-Tommy Taylor & TAG-100 sr. class runner-up #313-Jenson Altzman.

After qualifying completed there was a half-hour dinner break and then it was time for the heat races with the Kid-Kart class leading it off. #69-Jameison DeWolfe makes his onto the backstretch.

Tyson Underwood parlayed his pole run in qualifying into a 2nd place finish in the heat race to earn him a great starting spot in the feature.

#4-Conner Lypka & #18-Riley Jacks.
#38-Kevin Ruth would win the Kid-Kart heat race.

The Jr.1 class ran their heat race next. Here is Chase Brackley.

#71-Brenton Gibbons.

#99-Braylon Underwood races underneath #124-Zoe Easton and then under the #22-Jaxon Porter.

#44-Truly Adams was the heat race winner for Jr.1 class.

Next up was the Jr. 2 heat race. Landon Billy was the runner-up in the heat race.

Parker Carroll with some battle scars on the side pod of his kart.

#48-David Williams underneath #7-Landon Billy. #23-Gunnar Ray passes #4-Michael Cruzado.

#2-Ashton Torgerson took home the win in the Jr.2 heat race.

206 Sr./Masters combined class was next. Here is Phil De La O who was a DNF in the heat race.

Austin Kromberg.

#17-Bradly Jacks & #250-Steve Bates battling for 8th in the heat race. A battle of Tony-Karts #99-Sean Santostefano passes #6-Ryan Casillas.

The Sr./Masters heat winner was #188-Austin Torgerson.

#7-Wes Lee takes to the track for the shifter class heat race.

#482-Carlee Taylor holding off #533-Jason Campbell for 2nd spot in the heat race that was ultimately won by #73-Micah Hendricks.

After the shifter kart heat-races, I was unable to use my flash for the rest of the evening so the photos I tried to get were not up to my standards so these were the results of the feature races.

Kid-Kart Feature:
1st: #38-Kevin Ruth
2nd: #9-Tyson Underwood

3rd: #25-Lucas Hilburn

LO206 Jr. 1 Feature:

1st: #44-Truly Adams

2nd: #3-Jacob Longenecker

3rd: #20-Kyle Drysdale

LO206 Jr. 2 Feature:

1st: #48-David Williams

2nd: #02-Ashton Torgerson

3rd: #15-Lydia Small

LO206 Sr./Masters Feature:

1st: #188-Austin Torgerson

2nd: #17-Logan Tornell

3rd: #1-Phil De La O


1st: #67-Rich Alten

2nd: #17-Bradly Jacks

3rd: #86-Rich Bowen

Shifter Class Feature:

1st: #73-Micah Hendricks

2nd: #533-Jason Campbell

3rd: #482-Carlee Taylor

Tag Micro Cadet Feature:

1st: #44-Truly Adams

2nd: #26-Corbin Rueschenburg

3rd: #18-Johnie Stamps

Tag 100 Feature:

1st: #1-Phil De La O

2nd: #313-Jenson Altzman

3rd: #24-Cole Hamel

Dean Gilmore.

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