Friday Hot Rod Reunion  (1 of 19).jpg

Friday would be used as a test & tune day with all drivers getting a couple cracks at the race track. The first car to hit the track was Stan Heiber from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  in his altered. 

PHHR Saturday-2-2.jpg

Tony Bromley lifting the front end on his first test hit in his B/Gas 63' Pontiac Tempest

PHHR Saturday-3-2.jpg

Earl Raymond in his beautiful 64' Nova ran in the A/FX class.

PHHR Saturday-4-2.jpg

Bill Coniam carrying the front end off of the starting line in his 68' Mustang GT stocker

PHHR Saturday-1-2.jpg

Bernie Bickes in his 71' Pinto which carried a paint scheme modeled after Bob Glidden's championship winning cars from the mid 70's

PHHR Saturday-5-2.jpg

Jeff McKinney in his blown front engine dragster was one of two competitors in the Nostalgia Eliminator class

Friday Hot Rod Reunion  (12 of 19).jpg

Dale Schroeder in his 64' Ford Fairlane wagon makes a test pass late on Friday afternoon

Friday Hot Rod Reunion  (13 of 19).jpg

Earl Raymond lighting the tires up in a big smokey burnout before his second test pass of the weekend.

Friday Hot Rod Reunion  (15 of 19).jpg

Terry Stonecipher in his 64' Fairlane leaving the starting line

Friday Hot Rod Reunion  (17 of 19).jpg

Rad Crews from phoenix in his hard charging 55' Chevy Bel-Air was one of 15 competitors in the Hot Rod class

Friday Hot Rod Reunion  (18 of 19).jpg

Brady Perry in his 81' Buick Regal made a couple 170+ mph runs over the course of the weekend.

Friday Hot Rod Reunion  (19 of 19).jpg

Steve LeMans in his slick 69' Pontiac Lemans closed out the Friday test & tune passes

PHHR Saturday-2.jpg

Saturday morning would start with a couple qualifying passes before eliminations would begin in the afternoon. Bruce Emrich would make a strong wheels up launch in his 65' Chevy II

PHHR Saturday-10.jpg

Paul Westcott makes a qualifying pass in his 67' Pontiac Tempest

PHHR Saturday-12.jpg

Bill Baker from Fullerton, California makes his first qualifying pass in his 69' Pontiac GTO

PHHR Saturday-15.jpg

Dale Schroeder with a nice burnout prior to a qualifying pass

PHHR Saturday-19.jpg

#3 qualifier in A/FX Terry Stonecipher makes a nice wheels up charge in his qualifying pass. 

PHHR Saturday-22.jpg

#2 qualifier in Stock/Super Stock class Lenny Catalanotto peforms a burnout in his 72' Duster

Friday Hot Rod Reunion  (3 of 19).jpg

A couple of D/Gassers, Charlie Hill in his 41' Chevy & Derrell Dennee in his 72' Vega making a side by side test pass

PHHR Saturday-26.jpg

Joe Cox Jr. in his 67' Dodge Coronet

PHHR Saturday-27.jpg

Jerry Miller from Lake Havasu in his 55' Chevy Gasser

PHHR Saturday-28.jpg

After qualifying completed all of the drivers would gather behind the timing tower for a drivers meeting

PHHR Saturday-31.jpg
PHHR Saturday-33.jpg
PHHR Saturday-39.jpg
PHHR Saturday-40.jpg
PHHR Saturday-46.jpg

Also in addition to the drag racing and swap meet was a car show in the grassy pavilion next to Firebird Lake. Here was a beautiful Plymouth Belvedere that was at the entrance

PHHR Saturday-47.jpg

There were over 50 cars in the show & shine area with one of the highlights being this classic Chevy roadster

PHHR Saturday-6-2.jpg

Race organizer Steve Barcak had built a re-creation of the old Beeline Dragway timing tower that served as an entrance booth for the event.

PHHR Saturday-50.jpg

Before eliminations a special fire up of Bill Dunlap's westwind front engine top fuel dragster would take place. This car won the 1992 California Hot Rod Reunion top fuel class

PHHR Saturday-55.jpg

A crowd gathered around eagerly waiting for Bill and crew to bring it to life

PHHR Saturday-60.jpg

#4 qualifier in the Hot Rod class Steve LeMans makes his final qualifying pass

PHHR Saturday-59.jpg

In one of the more unique cars in competition was a 1963 International Scout driven by Ryan Richards from Mesa

PHHR Saturday-67.jpg

Dan Davis from Sioux Falls, SD in his 64' Plymouth Savoy

PHHR Saturday-62.jpg

JD Campbell in his 65' Dodge Dart performing a nice smokey burnout.

PHHR Saturday-72.jpg

Ted Eminowicz in his 33' Ford Coupe

PHHR Saturday-73.jpg

Dale Newnham in his 65' Volkswagen beetle.

PHHR Saturday-76.jpg

A 1959 AMC Rambler competing is the gasser class makes a qualifying pass

PHHR Saturday-81.jpg

Bill Dunlap being with a rolling push start up the return road. 

PHHR Saturday-80.jpg

A cool close up shot of Bill in the dragster as it cackles away.

PHHR Saturday-86.jpg

A dragstrip is very sticky as this crew member for the Nasty Habits nostalgia eliminator-1 class would find out as his shoe would come off as he was backing the altered up

PHHR Saturday-88.jpg

In round one of Hot Rod eliminator Jody Coff Perreault in the 67' Camaro defeated Rad Crews in his 55' Chevy

PHHR Saturday-89.jpg

Randy Low in his 67' Camaro defeated Chris Sikora in his 79' Ford Pinto

PHHR Saturday-91.jpg

Leno Cimarolli in his 66' Mustang comes from behind to beat Paul Westcott in the opening round of Hot Rod class

PHHR Saturday-93.jpg

Steve LeMans beats Ben Jentink in their round one race

PHHR Saturday-96.jpg

Bill Bonkoski performs a burnout in his blown 64' Chevy II in the Quick 8 class eliminations

PHHR Saturday-97.jpg

A Crew guy for Bill backs him up after the burnout

PHHR Saturday-98.jpg

Jeff McKinney would win the nostalgia eliminator class on this pass.

PHHR Saturday-106.jpg

While walking through the pits I would get a few cool shots of cars as they were rolling through, here is Jeff Gibson's 70' Camaro

PHHR Saturday-107.jpg

Earl Raymond's Surf's Up 64' Nova rolling in the pits.

PHHR Saturday-108.jpg

Dale Schroeder and his 64' Fairlane wagon on the way to the staging lanes for the final round

PHHR Saturday-109.jpg
PHHR Saturday-110.jpg
PHHR Saturday-111.jpg

Nasty Habits altered makes another late afternoon pass.

PHHR Saturday-113.jpg

Randy Low red-lighting in round 3 of Hot Rod eliminator

PHHR Saturday-112.jpg

Semi finalist Jody Goff burning out in his 67' Camaro

PHHR Saturday-114.jpg

Steve LeMans in round 3 of Hot Rod eliminator

PHHR Saturday-116.jpg

Joe Cox Jr. would runner up in the Hot Rod eliminator.

PHHR Saturday-121.jpg
PHHR Saturday-122.jpg

Joe would not only runner up in Hot Rod but runner up in Stock/Super Stock class

While watching the crew for Bill Bonkoski work on the car I found out they had raced in tractor pulling years ago and the engine in his car was the same engine his wife ran in their tractor puller 20 years ago.

During the downtime I would check out the swapmeet area where many classic finds could be had. Everything from hold Hot Rod magazines to miscellaneous parts and pieces to even a 66' Plymouth Valliant A/FX roller 

PHHR Saturday-6-3.jpg
PHHR Saturday-123.jpg

Leno Cimarolli in his Mustang would double up with wins in Hot Rod & A/F. Here he is in the winners circle with race organizer Steve Barack 

PHHR Saturday-125.jpg
PHHR Saturday-126.jpg

Dale Schroeder would runner up in A/FX class

PHHR Saturday-127.jpg
PHHR Saturday-128.jpg

Tony Bromley from California would take home the top spot in Gasser

PHHR Saturday-129.jpg
PHHR Saturday-130.jpg

Bill Perri would runner up in the Gasser category. 

2019 Phoenix Drag Race & Hot Rod Reunion

I recently got the opportunity to cover the 6th annual Phoenix Hot Rod & Drag Race reunion was held at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park that was held on November 1st & 2nd, 2019.

 in addition to the drag reunion the Pontiac Heaven weekend was also held the same weekend. There were many spectacular hot rods on show and racing throughout the weekend and here are some images from a fun weekend on the track.

Not pictured Paul Harris would take home to Colorado the win in Stock/Super Stock class.

That concludes this photo blog on the 6th annual Phoenix Drag Race & Hot Rod Reunion. Thanks to Steve Barack for putting on the event and for Gil Rebilas for letting me shoot with him for this weekend. If anyone wants to purchas photos from this event contact Gil Rebilas at or 480-547-1995