It has been awhile since I have done a blog as I have been busy with work and have fought off the flu that kicked my ass for about a week but I have gone out shooting photos a few times over the last couple months and this blog will focus on my adventures. 

Mountain Tops to Monster Trucks

The first few images are from a top Tempe Butte early one morning. It had been a few years since (and probably 20 pounds) since I have gone hiking. So it took a little time and some huffing and puffing to reach the top but once I got settled I snapped this photo of the State Farm building with the city of Scottsdale in the background

While at the top I found a cool angle of the radio tower at the top. While taking photos I decided to slow the shutter speed to around 15 seconds to get a blurred streak of light coming from a plane that was taking off from Sky Harbor Airport

Here is a cool shot of the sun getting ready to rise over the Four Peaks & Superstition Mountains

Downtown Phoenix

As I slowly make my wake back down the mountain I stopped to get this shot of downtown Phoenix with the airport in the foreground

South Mounain

I also snapped this photo of South Mountain

After making my way down the mountain without falling down it I decided to take a stroll along Tempe Town Lake. This shot in between the old railroad bridge and the light rail bridge is one of the favorites I shot. 

Tempe Center for the Arts

Another shot I really liked was this shot of Tempe Center for the Arts with a reflection of the building in the water. One thing I am trying is to not only take photos but make art out of them and I feel the last two are reflections of that goal. 


Speaking of art this might be the first ever up close photo I have ever shot of flowers. It gives me ideas of stuff to try on my next hike


Here is a field full of spring flowers in bloom. Looking at this photo makes me sneeze.

A few days later towards the end of spring training I made my way over to Salt River Fields to watch the Dbacks practice in the morning. Of course I would pick a day the Dbacks had off so I spent some time shooting photos of some of the minor leaguers in their morning practice.

Marcus Wilson

Infielder Drew Ellis for the Dbacks AA team having fun while taking infield practice.

AA outfielder Marcus Wilson taking some practice swings outside of the batting cages

A minor league infielder for the Colorado Rockies taking some infield practice during a morning practice

While walking around I shot this cool photo of some batting practice going on. 

I was bored one day so I decided to go take a walk around the park. 

Another personal goal is to try and be more active and using my camera as an excuse to go shooting helps motivate me to go places. 

This park is right down the street from me and one I have shot photos of in the past as a reference to my D500 blog. One of the things I like is that there is a decent size lake in the middle of it with plenty of ducks swimming about. 

Another photo I liked was of this duck getting ready to jump in for a swim

I guess this duck was tired of swimming and decided to lay around in the grass.

I wanted to get a photo of a duck in flight and was unsuccessful so I had to settle for a pigeon in flight


After finishing up with the ducks I did some more walking around to get some more scenery shots.

Out of the blue one day I decided to go catch a monster truck show being held at the county fair. Since it was $10 to get in and it is ten minutes from my apartment I was game.

I don't care how old I get I will always enjoy monster trucks like I did when I was five. 

Sam Sturges based out of Tucson catching some air in Rat Attack 63' Corvette based truck.

Another of the Sturges team trucks, Unamed & Untamed lived up to the name as he pulled a long and high wheelstand and spun some impressive donuts

Another shot I enjoyed was a wide shot of a truck with the downtown Phoenix skyline in the background

An added bonus to the monster truck show was an autocross race. Basically an autocross race is part motocross part demolition derby. These races are pretty fun to watch

The goal of the race is to basically be the last car standing. While you can try and drive around and make laps to win, you can also just outright muscle your competition out of the way like the Toyota mini van tried to do

The wildest moment of the event came when a pretty decent fire broke out under neath this Toyota Corolla. 

This station wagon has seen much better days but it ran strong in the race

Another decent pile up in the far turn

Im pretty sure he needs a new alignment. 

After the race there was a freestyle motocross event with the three riders performing some pretty cool tricks

Well this wraps up another blog, hopefully I'll be more productive and crank out blogs more often than every couple months.