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The parade of trucks kick off the opening festivites.

Monster Jam Glendale

The Monster Jam tour makes two stops every year at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona and since it had been about eight or nine years since I have seen a monster jam show and since I had worked earlier in the day and had a free night I was excited to go. I have always said that it does not matter how old you are monster trucks are still cool. 

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The opening pair of trucks included Mohawk Warrior driven by Bryce Kenny & Scarlet Bandit driven by Dawn Creten

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The race portion in Glendale saw the debut of a new format for the racing portion of the show. They ran in an individual figure 8 pattern so right off of the starting line the had to hang a immediate turn. Justin Spies in Megaldon Fire & Diesel Dave in Brodozer

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Jimmy Creten driving the Bounty Hunter in his opening round race.

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Cynthia Gauthier driving the Monster Mutt Ice truck. A few of the trucks had special fire or ice paint schemes to highlight a team event that was going to take place in Las Vegas the week following this event. 

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Adam (Grave Digger) & Ryan Anderson (Son uva Digger) carrying on the family legacy started by their dad the legend Dennis Anderson. 

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Brianna Mahon driving Whiplash flying high after a nice opening round win.

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Bryce Kenny flying high in Mohawk Warrior

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Justin Spies driving Megalodon Fire through the tight corners of the figure 8 pattern.

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Multi time champion Tom Meents in his famous Maximum Destruction.

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Ryan Anderson slinging some mud around the far turn in his semi final race.

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A fairly new event called two wheel skills challenge followed the racing event. Each driver/truck would get a chance to do two tricks on two wheels. Dawn Creten showing off a good slap wheelie to open the challenge

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Diesel Dave in Brodozer getting some pretty good air. This truck was a diesel powered truck, one of very few diesel monster trucks in the country

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The racing final pitted Justin Spies in Megaldon against Ryan Anderson in Son-uva Digger. It was a very close race as Megladon got a great jump off the final turn and edged out Son-uva Digger by a fender

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Cynthia Gauthier in Monster Mutt makes an impressive jump and rides it into a slap wheelie and then gets it on its two side wheels

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Ryan Anderson getting the truck way on the its side and then pulling out of it. Check out the sequence from this great move

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Local resident Todd Leduc driving the Monster energy truck rolled it twice in the two wheel competition but saved it both times

Full sequence from his two rolls

Monster Jam Lightroom-116.jpg

Tom Meents doing spinning some donuts

Monster Jam Lightroom-120.jpg

Bryce Kenny standing Mohawk Warrior on its tail

Monster Jam Lightroom-128.jpg

Ryan Anderson coming off of a jump and would bounce it from side to side for a few feet.

Monster Jam Lightroom-129.jpg

He was unable to gather it back up before it ended on its roof

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Camden Murphy in Dragonoid took home the event win in the two wheel skills competition.

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Brianna Mahon in Whiplash started off the freestyle competition with a very nice run that included a few high flying jumps

Monster Jam Lightroom-140.jpg

Nick Pagliarulo in Kraken standing it up on two wheels with a major water leak from overheating

Monster Jam Lightroom-146.jpg

Bryan Kenny getting some good air off of the center jump

Monster Jam Lightroom-147.jpg

His run would end in spectacular fashion as he would end up on his side with a small fire breaking out

Monster Jam Lightroom-153.jpg

Dawn Creten in Scarlet Bandit bringing it out of a roll

Monster Jam Lightroom-166.jpg

Matt Pagliarulo in Jester with a nice long wheelstand to start his freestyle run.

Monster Jam Lightroom-172.jpg

Matt would also pull off one of the highest jumps of the event.

Monster Jam Lightroom-173.jpg
Monster Jam Lightroom-178.jpg
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Matt would finish up his freestyle with a body shredding jump and roll.

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Diesel Dave saluting the fans after having the third best score during freestyle. 

Monster Jam Lightroom-197.jpg

Camden Murphy in Dragonoid standing it on his nose after a hard landing after a big jump

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Ryan Anderson did not have a long freestyle run but like his dad he ran it until it either broke or ended up on its roof. Here he is being towed back to the pits after breaking early.

Monster Jam Lightroom-201.jpg

Todd Leduc getting some air over the center jump

Monster Jam Lightroom-208.jpg

Adam Anderson starting off with a solid wheelstand

Monster Jam Lightroom-214.jpg

Adam cross cutting the big jump 

Monster Jam Lightroom-216.jpg

Tom Meents coming out for his freestyle run after his crew swapped engines after the 2 wheel competition.

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Monster Jam Lightroom-225.jpg
Monster Jam Lightroom-233.jpg

Tom would cap off his freestyle performance with a pretty wicked cyclone that got him rolled back over after landing on his roof after a jump

Monster Jam Lightroom-243.jpg

Tom Meents climbing out of the truck after finishing his freestyle run. While he only finished 2nd in freestyle he had enough points to win the overall event championship

That will wrap up my latest blog. It was a fun event and I am glad I was able to see the Monster Jam tour again.