Back in the '70s and '80s many folks would cruise around Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix on Friday and Saturday nights. Over the years popularity grew however local ordinances would not allow folks to make more than three laps around the circle. A few weeks ago it was announced that Metrocenter Mall would be closing after 47 years of operation. Thousands of men, women, and children of all ages would gather for one final cruise. 

Metro Cruise-2.JPG

One of the first cars that caught my eye was a custom roadster made to look like a Red Flyer wagon. 

Metro Cruise-5.JPG

A clean looking Cadillac rolling through the parking lot before the cruise began.

Metro Cruise-6.JPG

This Willys gasser was another vehicle that caught my eye.

Metro Cruise-9.JPG

Even Knight Rider showed up for the cruise, although I could not get it to talk.

Metro Cruise-10.JPG

Plymouth Barracuda.

Metro Cruise-7.JPG

Rows of classics like these were scattered all over the parking lot.

Metro Cruise-23.JPG

My buddy Anthony Plescia getting his '64 Chevelle ready for the cruise. He bought this car a few years ago and we broke it in by driving 350 miles to L.A. after completion.

Metro Cruise-17.JPG

One of the first cars to hit the road was this awesome 30's Chevy coupe.

Metro Cruise-19.JPG

Followed by this slammed VW Bus.

Metro Cruise-31.JPG

I was solid bumper to bumper traffic on the loop for several hours and everyone was enjoying themselves.

Metro Cruise-30.JPG

A sharp midnight blue '67 Camaro.

Metro Cruise-29.JPG

Great looking Pontiac LeMans with some beautiful pin-striping. 

Metro Cruise-32.JPG

I do not think there is any car that epitomizes a car cruise than a Chevy Bel-Air.

Metro Cruise-34.JPG

Even a few folks showed up with some sand rails for the fun.

Metro Cruise-38.JPG

'66 Chevy C10.

Metro Cruise-42.JPG
Metro Cruise-43.JPG

A Couple of sweet and classy Chevy Impalas.

Metro Cruise-44.JPG
Metro Cruise-45.JPG

Followed by a gen-3 & gen-5 Mustangs.

Metro Cruise-47.JPG

1951 International L110.

Metro Cruise-48.JPG

Another beautiful and clean Chevy C10.

Metro Cruise-58.JPG
Metro Cruise-59.JPG

A couple of Porsches .

Metro Cruise-57.JPG

Dodge Challenger RT.

Metro Cruise-62.JPG

Even though the Metrocenter cruises ended in the '80s every one of all ages came out to enjoy one final cruise. Even the youngsters. 

Metro Cruise-53.JPG
Metro Cruise-60.JPG

Another great thing to see as many vehicles were carrying Amerian flags. 

Metro Cruise-56.JPG
Metro Cruise-66.JPG

Slug Bug!

Metro Cruise-54.JPG

I have always been a sucker for '60s Camaros, especially Blue ones.

Metro Cruise-64.JPG

Sharp looking chrome gold Corvette.

Metro Cruise-51.JPG

Chevy Chevelle SS.

Metro Cruise-71.JPG

Caught a shot of this nice roadster strolling through the parking lot.

Metro Cruise-72.JPG
Metro Cruise-74.JPG

After a couple of hours shooting the cruise, I went back through the parking lot to check out some more rides.

Metro Cruise-77.JPG

Including this Cadillac with an incredibly detailed paint job.

Metro Cruise-80.JPG

Beautiful hugger orange Chevelle strolling through the parking lot.

Metro Cruise-81.JPG

Probably the oldest car I saw at the show was this 1923 Ford T-Bucket.

Metro Cruise-79.JPG

Caught a shot of this nice roadster strolling through the parking lot.

Metro Cruise-84.JPG
Metro Cruise-82.JPG

One of my favorite cars is Oldsmobile Cutlasses, especially from the g-body years. 

Metro Cruise-92.JPG
Metro Cruise-97.JPG

A couple more G-bodied cars, a Chevy Monte Carlo and a Buick Grand National.

Metro Cruise-86.JPG
Metro Cruise-85.JPG
Metro Cruise-89.JPG
Metro Cruise-91.JPG

Back on the street a new Camaro and Corvette.

Metro Cruise-90.JPG

Dodge Challenger Angry Bee.

Metro Cruise-96.JPG

A classic Ford coupe.

Metro Cruise-101.JPG
Metro Cruise-103.JPG

As the cruise wrapped up I snapped these photos of a Chevy K10 and a Suburban. 

Metro Cruise-104.JPG
Metro Cruise-105.JPG

The best part of the night was not the great cars on display or the cruising but the smiles on everyone's faces. In these crazy times, it was great to see a few thousand people come together no matter the age, race, political or religious beliefs and join together in a love of cars. While it is sad that a place where a lot of people held great memories is closing it was awesome to see Metrocenter get one last sendoff.

Final cruise of Metrocenter Mall