Gordies Speed Center/IMCA Winternationals

In early January I took a trip down to Yuma for some racing at Cocopah Speedway for the IMCA Winternationals, a big multi-day dirt race that brings some of the best modified racers from around the country. While down in Yuma I stopped into Gordie's Speed Center to see good friend Doug Rivera and shoot some photos for an upcoming article in Arizona Extreme Motorsports Magazine.


Founded by the late Gordie Rivera it has been a staple in the automotive community in Yuma since 1969. Today it is run by his son Doug and Gordie's wife Debbie.


The showroom is lined with any aftermarket part needed to customize a hot rod or even a racecar.


Lining the walls of the shop were numerous photos of customer cars along with photos of his pro stock car he raced over the course of 40 years.


Doug Rivera behind the counter helping a few racers who are in town for the IMCA race at Cocopah Speedway


Doug would let me take photos of the back of the shop which Gordie housed his pro stock car and would spend countless hours machining parts and pieces for his pro stock car.


Tucked into one of the bottom shelves was just a few of the many engine blocks machined by Gordie over the years.


On another rack were crankshafts machined by Gordie. Gordie was one of the last in pro stock to machine his own parts and build his own engines. Despite not having major financial backing and with the support and the help from friends and family he finished top ten four times in NHRA competition and was considered one of the best independent racers in the country.


Doug and Debbie continuing on the family tradition.

IMCA Winternationals-3.jpg

Later that night I would head down to Cocopah Speedway for the opening night of the IMCA Winternationals. This nine-day event featured some of the top dirt modified racers in the country. IMCA SportMods and stock cars would also compete in this event. Doug would also compete in his modified during this event.

IMCA Winternationals-11.jpg

Much like when he and his dad raced it was a family affair as Doug's son Colin would help out as his crew for the race.

Doug climbs into his car prior to taking some warm-up laps.

IMCA Winternationals-15.jpg
IMCA Winternationals-8.jpg

A wonderful tribute to Gordie on the side of his car.

IMCA Winternationals-20.jpg

Jake O'Neil from Tucson races to the outside of Don Gumke from Jamestown, ND in the opening lap of the modified B-Main.

IMCA Winternationals-21.jpg

 Jardin Fuller all the way from Memphis, MO races his way through turn 3 in the first B-Main race.

IMCA Winternationals-24.jpg

Bill Miller from Yuma gets a little bump from Braxton Yeager.

IMCA Winternationals-33.jpg

Marvin Mueller from Yuma

IMCA Winternationals-34.jpg

Kollin Hibdon from Pahrump, NV.

IMCA Winternationals-35.jpg

Braxton Yeager races to the inside of Marvin Mueller & Travis Mosley

IMCA Winternationals-39.jpg

Joey Price in the #4X from Great Fall, MT races to the inside of Travis Mosley from Batesville, AK. 

This is the first time I have ever shot at a dirt track and I would learn quickly that dust in the air would get lit up by the flashing making the picture look like the inside of a snow globe, it is something I would have to learn to work around

IMCA Winternationals-54.jpg

Dallas Caldwell from Tucson, AZ.

IMCA Winternationals-56.jpg

R.C. Whitwell also from Tucson would finish 3rd in the first B-Main race and would transfer into the A-Main

IMCA Winternationals-58.jpg

Regan Tafoya from Farmington, NM would not fare as well as he would fail to finish the first B-Main race.

IMCA Winternationals-61.jpg

Travis Mosley in the 31M gets tangled up with Gaitlin Laytham from Toledo, OH in the fourth turn.

IMCA Winternationals-72.jpg

Gaitlin would continue on to finish the race.

IMCA Winternationals-76.jpg

Doug Rivera would start on the outside of the 2nd row for the second B-Main race.

IMCA Winternationals-79.jpg

Bricen James from Albany, OR would parlay his outside pole starting spot into a win in the second B-Main race.

IMCA Winternationals-81.jpg

Ross Statham from Canada races to the inside of Mike Lerwill from Lakeside, CA.

IMCA Winternationals-122.jpg
IMCA Winternationals-121.jpg
IMCA Winternationals-126.jpg

J.C. Parmeley races three-wide to the inside of Aron Spangler and Steffan Carey in the opening laps of the IMCA stock car feature.

IMCA Winternationals-128.jpg

Lonnie Foss' engine would let go in spectacular fashion in the middle of the feature race.

IMCA Winternationals-130.jpg

Kevin Roberts from Gresham, OR would try and make it three wide entering turn three underneath Gene Henrie of Cedar City, UT

IMCA Winternationals-131.jpg

Race Fisher from Dove Creek, CO carries the left front tire through the turn. His night would end in spectacular fashion as he would be involved in a wild crash that saw him flip over.

IMCA Winternationals-135.jpg

J.C. Parmeley took exception to some agressive driving displayed by Race Fisher and caused the crash that saw both of their nights end and J.C. was listed as a DQ in the results.

IMCA Winternationals-145.jpg

Jake Smith from Delta, UT.

IMCA Winternationals-140.jpg

Nuggett Shupe from Moab, UT goes for a late-race spin

IMCA Winternationals-136.jpg

Steffan Carey from Bloomfield, NM would take the runner-up spot in the main event.

IMCA Winternationals-146.jpg
IMCA Winternationals-151.jpg

Troy Jerovetz all the way from Iowa Falls, IA would take home the win in the IMCA stock car main event.

IMCA Winternationals-154.jpg

Shelby Frye from Chandler, AZ would lead the field to the green in the SportMod main event.

IMCA Winternationals-156.jpg

Mike Wells from Pahrump, NV got turned sideways which caused him to jump the dirt berm and send me jumping back a few feet.

IMCA Winternationals-160.jpg
IMCA Winternationals-161.jpg

Joey Klemish from Farmington, NM would get turned sideways in front of the field.

IMCA Winternationals-166.jpg

Douglas Hilkemnn from Wynot, NE.

IMCA Winternationals-168.jpg

Tyler Inman from Altoona, IA would runner-up in the SportMod main event.

IMCA Winternationals-170.jpg

Taylor Kuehl from Cave Creek, AZ.

IMCA Winternationals-171.jpg

Slade Pitt from Rock Springs, WY.

IMCA Winternationals-172.jpg

Camron Spangler from Dove Creek, CO races inside of Joey Klemish.

IMCA Winternationals-173.jpg
IMCA Winternationals-174.jpg

Michael Johnson from Bakersfield, CA turns around local racer Jimmy Davy. This race had numerous cautions that caused the race to be cut short. 

IMCA Winternationals-162.jpg
IMCA Winternationals-177.jpg

Shelby Frye would lead wire to wire to take the win in the SportMod feature.

IMCA Winternationals-178.jpg

Ricky Thorton Jr., one of the best dirt modified racers in the country came to Cocopah for the Winternationals

IMCA Winternationals-184.jpg

Austin Kuehl from Cave Creek.

IMCA Winternationals-186.jpg

Even with the dirt flying I like this shot of Tom Berry Jr. because of the glowing rear brake rotor.

IMCA Winternationals-181.jpg

Terry Hurt from Omaha, NE racing inside of Doug Rivera.

IMCA Winternationals-192.jpg

Tim Ward from Chandler.

IMCA Winternationals-191.jpg

It was the first time I got to watch Doug race his modified and he had a good showing for the night, finishing 3rd in the B-Main to qualify for the main event against some of the best modified racers in the country.

IMCA Winternationals-197.jpg

Jessie Hoskins from Longdale, OK races inside of John Parmalee of Phoenix in the closing laps of the race.

IMCA Winternationals-203.jpg
IMCA Winternationals-204.jpg

Ricky Thorton would dominate the 25 lap main event to take home the opening night feature win of the IMCA Winternationals.

This will wrap up my blog from Gordies Speed Center and the IMCA Winternationals. For it being the first time shooting at a dirt track I felt like I did a good job and more importantly it was fun. Hopefully, I get to cover more dirt races soon.