The weather this spring in Phoenix has been spectacular and it has encouraged me to go out and shoot and hike and just be outside. It is rare to get temps in the 70's in the daytime in Phoenix in May so I needed to take advantage of it. 

Fireworks & Flora

One the way to shoot some fireworks outside of Chase Field I walked around downtown Phoenix for a little bit. Here is a shot camped outside of the Herberger Theatre 

One spot I took photos of years ago was on the bridge over Central Ave. However I always wanted to try some slow shots at night and was happy with this product

Chase Field all lit up prior to a Friday night fireworks show.

The beginning of the Fireworks show.

Here are a couple of shots from the grand finale. While I did not get shots I was trying for I learned for next time. When it comes to learning photography I tend to learn through trial and error, sometimes more error than I would like but still a learning experience. 

A few weeks later I would actually go inside the stadium to watch a game between my two favorite teams, the Pittsburgh Pirates & the Diamondbacks

Here is local kid Cole Tucker taking batting practice for the Pirates

Pirates manager Clint Hurdle talking things over with an clubhouse assistant. 

First baseman Josh Bell signing an autograph for a young fan.

Cole Tucker after flying out in his first major league at bat in his hometown ballpark

Ketel Marte catching a pop fly just past the infield

David Peralta after an RBI Double early in the ballgame

Starling Marte sliding under the tag of Alex Avila

Two Pirates rookies, Bryan Reynolds making a catch while Cole Tucker tries to get out of his way.

While I wanted to get good action shots of the pitchers it would not be as there was a huge cable holding up to protective screen

I would move to above home plate to get some shots of pitchers. Here is Clay Holmes

Cool wide shot of Clay Holmes pitching to Ketel Marte late in the ballgame

Pirates-Dbacks (25 of 27).jpg

Starling Marte rounding third and scoring in the 8th inning

Pirates-Dbacks (24 of 27).jpg

Colin Moran with a swing and a miss

Archie Bradley shaking hands with Alex Avila after the final out of a 9-3 Dbacks victory

The infield quartet celebrating after the final out

On a windy and cool May evening I decided to take a drive up South Mountain to see what I could find. Here is a shot overlooking Phoenix

The Dobbins lookout overlooks a pretty vast desert area looking towards the east

Some nice desert scenery off of the access road

Acres and acres of cacti as far as the eye can see makes the desert come alive

A unique view over looking the valley from a stone ramada at the Dobbins Lookout on South Mountain

I played with the colors in this shot a little bit as the sun begins to set over the lookout area

Another shot I like of the ramada in the foreground with the valley in the background

One of my favorite type of shots to get are of trees silhouetted by the sun. 

Another thing I like in my scenery photos are multiple layers to an image. Here is the desert in the foreground and all the way back to the Estrella Mountains in the background

The last little bit of sun setting in the west

I took advantage of some unique lighting for this shot, I held a flash unit to light the desert floor and a car in the parking lot provided the side lighting of the building

A Window into the city. 

This wraps up another blog and one that focused a bit more on art than images as I try to branch out more with my camera