I recently got to attend one of my favorite events of the year, the NHRA World Finals at Auto Club Raceway @ Pomona in Pomona, CA. This is a great event not only because it is another chance to watch my favorite form of racing but with championships on the line it leads to some dramatic races and moments that stand the test of time. This year's event would provide many dramatic moments that will go down in history. 

2019 NHRA Finals

NHRA Finals Edits-36.jpg

I would get to the track early Friday morning for the opening round of eliminations in Stock eliminator. I was greeted by a sight rare to me in Phoenix, fog. This thick fog would hang around the track most of the morning. You could barely see Brackett Field which is right across the street from the racetrack. 

NHRA Finals Edits-38.jpg

Bill Bushmaker in his '76 Roadrunner was one of the first few cars down the cold racetrack on Friday morning.

NHRA Finals Edits-39.jpg

Jim Meador in his '67 Camaro makes a winning pass in round one.

NHRA Finals Edits-43.jpg

John Calvert from Lancaster, CA had the quickest stocker on the property this weekend. His 2019 Cobra Jet Mustang can run mid 8's in the stock setup and low 7's in the setup used in the Factory Stock class.

NHRA Finals Edits-45.jpg

Legendary midwest racer Scotty Richardson driving Jerry Emmon's Camaro in Stock eliminator in Pomona.

NHRA Finals Edits-48.jpg

John Buczynski in his '70 Baracuda makes a single pass in the opening round of competition.

NHRA Finals Edits-49.jpg

Jeff Taylor would close out round one of Stock eliminator in his 2015 COPO Camaro.

NHRA Finals Edits-50.jpg
NHRA Finals Edits-51.jpg

The crew for the Russo family funny car for driver Jeff Arend gives the fans their first taste of nitro on Friday morning.

NHRA Finals Edits-58.jpg

Local racer Jim Maroney climbs into his dragster to warm it up. This was Jim's second race running his own team, he bought Mike Strasburg's entire operation over the summer.

One of the surprises of the weekend was seeing Warren Johnson helping out on Joey Grose's pro stock car to get them pointed in the right direction. Warren Johnson still holds the record for most wins in pro stock.

NHRA Finals Edits-55.jpg
NHRA Finals Edits-64.jpg

Another bright spot on Friday was seeing former Top Fuel Hydro champion Scotty Lumbert around the pits talking to former alcohol hydro champion and current top fuel racer Shawn Reed. Scotty has been recovering over the last few years since a brutal accident in his boat back in 2016.

NHRA Finals Edits-69.jpg

Longtime motorcycle racer Steve Johnson was one of the first riders down the track in the opening pro stock bike qualifying session.

NHRA Finals Edits-70.jpg

Angie Smith wife of defending champion Matt Smith makes a solid opening lap on her Buell.

NHRA Finals Edits-73.jpg

Former national event winner Richie Stevens Jr. made his third start of the season driving Alan Prusinesky's Dodge. 

NHRA Finals Edits-79.jpg

Bo Butner in his special paint scheme modeled after Ricky Bobby's car in Talladega Nights. He paints his car for Halloween every year and will leave it on for the final race in Pomona.

NHRA Finals Edits-80.jpg

Kicking off nitro qualifying was Steven Densham son of Gary who was making his second career start this weekend.

NHRA Finals Edits-83.jpg

Paul Lee & Blake Alexander both getting close to the center line on their first qualifying pass.

NHRA Finals Edits-84.jpg

Jim Campbell driving for Jim Dunn in the classic Mooneyes paint for this weekend.

NHRA Finals Edits-90.jpg

Top fuel newcomer Justin Ashley, the son of former funny car racer Mike Ashley, made his fourth career appearance in Pomona.

NHRA Finals Edits-95.jpg

Mike Salinas made the best run during the first session and was the only car to run in the 3.60's.

NHRA Finals Edits-96.jpg

It was a tough session for the fuel teams as a number of them struggled. However Billy Torrence would make a 330 mph pass on his opening shot.

NHRA Finals Edits-100.jpg

For the second session I would race over to the other side to get shots of burnouts and launches as this would be a reserved section the rest of the weekend. A couple of northern Californian women would pair off to kick off the second session with Jianna Salinas & Kaite Sullivan side by side.

NHRA Finals Edits-105.jpg

Hector Arana Jr. & Andrew Hines make top five qualifying runs on this pass

NHRA Finals Edits-108.jpg

For the burnout shots to get a nice background blur I would slow the shutter speed to 1/250th. In between burnout and launch I would have to manually change shutter speed and aperture and ISO sensitivity. Here is Cristian Cuadra doing a burnout in his Mustang.

NHRA Finals Edits-109.jpg

Aaron Stanfield running for the Elite team this weekend announced he would race full time in 2020.

NHRA Finals Edits-114.jpg

Part time racers Joey Grose and Australian Shane Tucker side by side in Q2.

NHRA Finals Edits-115.jpg

Greg Anderson used some interesting qualifying strategy in an attempt to race Erica Enders in round one on Sunday to try and help his teammate Jason Line win the championship.

NHRA Finals Edits-117.jpg

Kenny Delco in the new car he received following his crash at the last race I attended in Denver.

NHRA Finals Edits-122.jpg

The points leader entering the final race, Erica Enders.

NHRA Finals Edits-124.jpg

#1 & #2 in points coming into the weekend Erica Enders & Jason Line ran side by side in Q2.

NHRA Finals Edits-127.jpg
NHRA Finals Edits-128.jpg

John Hale in a one off race driving for Chuck Worsham would kick off the second qualifying session. Unfortuately he would not make the run as his parachutes would pop out at the end of the burnout.

NHRA Finals Edits-133.jpg

A couple of great looking funny cars Jonnie Lindberg & Jeff Arend.

NHRA Finals Edits-135.jpg

Shawn Langdon doing a burnout in his Global Electronic Kalitta funny car.

NHRA Finals Edits-138.jpg

Paul Lee returned to funny cars this season and the story is amazing. Paul suffered a widow-maker heart attack a few years ago and was told he would never race a funny car again. After two years of rehab and getting his strength back he started up his own team earlier in the season.

NHRA Finals Edits-143.jpg

2016 funny car world champion Ron Capps & 2018 funny car world champion JR Todd side by side for Q2.

NHRA Finals Edits-147.jpg

John Force & teammate Robert Hight side by side. The sun had dipped behind the grandstands by this time so the header flames started to show more.

NHRA Finals Edits-150.jpg

DSR teammates Jack Beckman & Matt Hagan side by side to finish off Friday night qualifying. 

NHRA Finals Edits-151.jpg

Clay Millican & Terry McMillen kicked off Friday night top fuel qualifying.

NHRA Finals Edits-155.jpg

Scott Palmer & Leah Pritchett in Q2.  Leah would have the preliminary pole after this run. 

NHRA Finals Edits-159.jpg

In a meeting of young and old rookie Austin Prock went side by side with long time veteran Cory McClenathan. Cory had announced before this race that it would be his last in top fuel.

NHRA Finals Edits-160.jpg

Shawn Reed doing a burnout prior to his Friday night run.

NHRA Finals Edits-165.jpg

Jim Maroney from Phoenix against championship contender Doug Kalitta.

NHRA Finals Edits-168.jpg

Jordan Vandergriff & Richie Crampton side by side.

NHRA Finals Edits-171.jpg

Brittany Force making a single pass.

NHRA Finals Edits-173.jpg

Billy Torrence and Mike Salinas finish up top fuel qualifying on Friday night.

NHRA Finals Edits-174.jpg

Nitro Mike in his wheel standing PT Cruiser.

NHRA Finals Edits-177.jpg

After top fuel qualifying the alcohol cars ran their final qualifying session. The track was pretty cold so it was a pretty unspectacular session. Here is Chris Marshall.

NHRA Finals Edits-179.jpg

Hunter Jones & Terry Ruckman during the final alcohol funny car session.

NHRA Finals Edits-182.jpg

#7 qualifier  Casey Grisel running his injected nitro dragster

NHRA Finals Edits-184.jpg

In top alcohol dragster there are two different combinations that can be run. You can run blown alcohol or injected nitro methane. The flames from the headers signal an injected nitro.  James Stevens is running the blown car and Jackie Fricke is running the injected nitro combo.

NHRA Finals Edits-187.jpg

After being up for basically 36 hours straight because of work and driving I got to the track "late" on Saturday but was still early enough to get a couple whiffs of nitro. Here are fans enjoying the sweet smell from Matt Hagan's pit.

NHRA Finals Edits-188.jpg

Brian Hough and Tyson Parker kicked off the opening round of alcohol funny car eliminations. 

NHRA Finals Edits-192.jpg

Veteran racer and this years U.S. Nationals winner Jay Payne.

NHRA Finals Edits-194.jpg

Mike Doushgounian beat Brett Williamson in this race by .008 seconds.

NHRA Finals Edits-196.jpg

In between alcohol funny car and the pro session was competition eliminator. This class features many different car and engine classes in nearly every combo possible. Here is one of the greatest ever in NHRA David Rampy defeating Scott McClay in their round 3 matchup.

NHRA Finals Edits-198.jpg

The Cuadra brothers Cristian & Fernando Jr. race their Mustangs against each other in the third qualifying session.

NHRA Finals Edits-200.jpg

Their dad Fernando Sr. would follow them up in the following pair alongside Kenny Delco.

NHRA Finals Edits-201.jpg

Bo Butner & Jason Line on their Q3 run.

NHRA Finals Edits-202.jpg

Elite teammates and top two in points Erica Enders & Jeg Coughlin in Q3.

NHRA Finals Edits-203.jpg

Andie Rawlings getting loose at the top end and crossing the centerline on her qualifying run.

NHRA Finals Edits-207.jpg

Jim Maroney making a career best pass to open up the 3rd qualifying session for top fuel.

NHRA Finals Edits-209.jpg

Steve Torrence & Clay Millican with side by side 325mph passes.

NHRA Finals Edits-216.jpg

Scott Palmer burning up a head gasket at the finish line of this qualifying pass.

NHRA Finals Edits-219.jpg

Mike Salinas & Antron Brown on their Q3 run

NHRA Finals Edits-221.jpg

Leah Pritchett & Jordan Vandergriff side by side.

NHRA Finals Edits-223.jpg

Bob Tasca making a solid 3.91 second pass on his 3rd qualifying pass.

NHRA Finals Edits-224.jpg

Former world champion Ron Capps with another 3 second pass.

NHRA Finals Edits-226.jpg

Cruz Pedregon barely crossing the center line on his qualifying pass.

NHRA Finals Edits-227.jpg

Matt Hagan & Tim Wilkerson wrapping up the 3rd session with a great side by side run.

NHRA Finals Edits-228.jpg

Fans gather inside of the hot rod corral for a cacklefest of old school dragsters.

NHRA Finals Edits-229.jpg

The San Gabriel mountains provide a great backdrop of Pomona.

NHRA Finals Edits-233.jpg

Chris McGaha & Val Smeland side by side during the final qualifying session.

NHRA Finals Edits-231.jpg

Shane Tucker & Joey Grose making their final qualifying pass.

NHRA Finals Edits-234.jpg
NHRA Finals Edits-237.jpg

For this session I had the smaller lens on but swapped it out a couple times for different shots. One is of Matt Hartford staging and Alex Laughlin doing a burnout.

NHRA Finals Edits-240.jpg

Erica Enders and Jeg Coughlin finished qualifying 1 & 2.

NHRA Finals Edits-241.jpg

Katie Sullivan on her wild looking motorcycle. Her team won the hardest working crew award this weekend as they came back from a devastating engine explosion at the last race in Las Vegas.

NHRA Finals Edits-245.jpg

Angelle Sampey & Hector Arana Sr.

NHRA Finals Edits-246.jpg

Former champions Andrew Hines & Jerry Savoie.

NHRA Finals Edits-247.jpg

Karen Stoffer & Matt Smith would wrap up the final qualifying session.

NHRA Finals Edits-248.jpg

Cory Mac making the final pass of his top fuel career as he would not qualify for Sunday eliminations.

NHRA Finals Edits-250.jpg

Shawn Reed & Justin Ashley

NHRA Finals Edits-252.jpg

Rookie of the year in the NHRA, Austin Prock

NHRA Finals Edits-254.jpg

Terry McMillen & Antron Brown

NHRA Finals Edits-257.jpg

The top two in points Steve Torrence & Brittany Force in a preview of round two on Sunday went side by side for the final qualifying session. Steve ran a 3.686 second run to qualify #1.

NHRA Finals Edits-265.jpg

Jim Campbell with big header flames as he pedaled the car trying to qualify but he would fail to make the show. 

NHRA Finals Edits-269.jpg

Cruz Pedregon spins the tires while Ron Capps makes a solid final qualifying pass.

NHRA Finals Edits-270.jpg

Bob Tasca & Jack Beckman with a nice flames up side by side run.

NHRA Finals Edits-272.jpg

Matt Hagan & Tim Wilkerson close out the final qualifying session of the season with a side by side flames up run.

NHRA Finals Edits-281.jpg

Championship Sunday starts with a track walk before eliminations. 

NHRA Finals Edits-279.jpg

16x champion John Force signs autographs for the fans at the ropes after his warmup for his first round race against teammate Robert Hight.

NHRA Finals Edits-278.jpg

Will Rodgers a crew member for Scott Palmer looking over data from the Datapak on the dash board during their morning warmup.

NHRA Finals Edits-283.jpg

A couple of vintage warplanes cap off pre-race ceremonies.

NHRA Finals Edits-286.jpg

Richie Crampton smoking the tires and pedaling his way to an opening round win over Mike Salinas.

NHRA Finals Edits-290.jpg

Shawn Reed & Billy Torrence in a pedalfest in their round one matchup.

NHRA Finals Edits-408.jpg

Jordan Vandergriff racing to the finsh line in his round one victory over his good friend Austin Prock.

NHRA Finals Edits-407.jpg
NHRA Finals Edits-291.jpg

Cameron Ferre at the finish line of a losing round one match against the points leader Steve Torrence but the big story would come when the two got out of their cars. When the two drivers got out some words were exchanged and Steve Torrence shoved Cameron Ferre in the face leading to a near fight. 

Cameron Ferre came back up the return road to the cheers of the crowd while Steve Torrence got more boos than I have ever heard at a race track.

NHRA Finals Edits-292.jpg

Steven Densham got his first career round win in wild fashion as he got really sideways and nearly hit the wall against Tim Wilkerson.

NHRA Finals Edits-293.jpg

Shawn Langdon who is rumored to be heading back into a Kalitta dragster wins his opening round race over Jeff Arend.

NHRA Finals Edits-295.jpg

Jack Beckman racing to an opening round win over John Hale.

NHRA Finals Edits-296.jpg

John Hale had backfired the supercharger and the parachutes came out at half track in his loss against Jack Beckman.

NHRA Finals Edits-297.jpg

Matt Hagan exploding a supercharger in his round one victory over Jonnie Lindberg.

NHRA Finals Edits-303.jpg

Chris McGaha beats Deric Kramer on a holeshot in his opening round race. It was one of three races that were decided on holeshots in round one.

NHRA Finals Edits-304.jpg

Fernando Cuadra was one of the other drivers to win on a holeshot against Matt Hartford.

NHRA Finals Edits-307.jpg

In one of the most hyped races in recent pro stock history Greg Anderson used qualifying strategy to line up against Erica Enders to try and beat her to give his teammate Jason Line a shot at a championship. In a classic race Erica beat Greg by .008 seconds.

NHRA Finals Edits-309.jpg

Vance & Hines Harley Davidson teammates Eddie Krawiec & Angelle Sampey race each other in round one with Angelle getting the win.

NHRA Finals Edits-310.jpg

Father and son racing each other in round one. with Hector Arana Jr. picking up the win. 

NHRA Finals Edits-317.jpg

In between the first and second pro rounds the Summit racing ET finals took place. It is basically the bracket racing national championships with racers from around the country earning their way to Pomona to race for a national bracket championship. Austin Youndt from Pennsylvania defeats Steve Roehrs from Wisconsin in round one of Summit pro.

NHRA Finals Edits-318.jpg

Jay Allen from Illinois defeats Randy Krause from Pennsylvania in the first round of the super pro class.

NHRA Finals Edits-320.jpg

A cool shot I liked of the blower belt on Shawn Reed's engine shredding at the finish line of his race against Richie Crampton in round 2.

NHRA Finals Edits-322.jpg

Jordan Vandergriff acknowledging the crowd after his dragster came to a stop in front of the grandstands after exploding an engine right off the starting line.

NHRA Finals Edits-325.jpg

In the race of the day in top fuel the top two in points met up to essentially decide the top fuel championship. In a great drag race Steve Torrence beat Brittany Force to end her season all but wrap up his second straight world championship.

NHRA Finals Edits-328.jpg

JR Todd & Jeck Beckman in a great second round race.

NHRA Finals Edits-329.jpg

Ron Capps with the chutes out after a pretty big explosion during his second round loss to teammate Matt Hagan.

NHRA Finals Edits-331.jpg

The first pro championship of the day was decided when Erica Enders beat Chris McGaha in the second round on a holeshot.

NHRA Finals Edits-332.jpg

The crew for Erica celebrates up the return road after the championship clinching run.

NHRA Finals Edits-333.jpg

Erica Enders parading in front of the grandstands with her 3rd championship trophy.

NHRA Finals Edits-335.jpg

Chris Demke defeating Gord Gingles in the semi-finals of top alcohol dragster.

NHRA Finals Edits-338.jpg

Although Richie Crampton beat Steve Torrence in the semi finals, by not crossing the centerline Steve Torrence clinched his 2nd straight world championship.

NHRA Finals Edits-343.jpg

Jeg Coughlin & Bo Butner in a great semi-final race which Jeg won.

NHRA Finals Edits-344.jpg

The smoke behind the bike signaled the end of Matt Smith's championship hopes in the semi-finals. It also sent Jianna Salinas into her first ever final round.

NHRA Finals Edits-347.jpg

In the pro stock bike final Jianna Salinas matched up against Jerry Savoie. Jerry needed to win the race to come from behind to win the championship. In one of the biggest upsets in history Jerry's bike broke on the starting line giving Jianna her first victory and Andrew Hines the championship.

NHRA Finals Edits-348.jpg

Jerry's broken bike sitting at the starting line

NHRA Finals Edits-349.jpg

In the pro stock final Jeg Coughlin picks up the victory and denies Fernando Cuadra from picking up his first career victory.

NHRA Finals Edits-351.jpg
NHRA Finals Edits-353.jpg

In the funny car final all Robert Hight had to do was not cross the center line and receive a penatly and he would win the championship. Robert performed a long, smokey half track burnout to the roar of the crowd. The car shut off as he tried to back up and he climbed out of the car to give Jack Beckman the funny car win. 

NHRA Finals Edits-357.jpg

In an all Kalitta top fuel final to close out the 2019 NHRA season Doug Kalitta beat outgoing teammate Richie Crampton to lock up 2nd place in points.

NHRA Finals Edits-358.jpg

Much like the pre-race track walk the crowd spills onto the track after the final pair of cars.

NHRA Finals Edits-360.jpg

The four pro winners being paraded through the crowd on the way to the victory lane celebration.

NHRA Finals Edits-361.jpg

The four world champions celebrating on stage with Coca Cola's marketing president Al Rondon.

NHRA Finals Edits-362.jpg
NHRA Finals Edits-365.jpg
NHRA Finals Edits-366.jpg
NHRA Finals Edits-367.jpg
NHRA Finals Edits-368.jpg

The Vance & Hines team celebrating Andrew Hine's championship season

NHRA Finals Edits-370.jpg

Steve Torrence with his wife alongside his parents Kay & Bill next to the championship trophy.

NHRA Finals Edits-392.jpg

Late into the night one of the coolest things happened. Scott Palmer and crew pulled out Studezilla and fired it up a couple times. Studezilla is a wild creature, a full engine and drivetrain from his dragster put in a Studebaker pro mod.

NHRA Finals Edits-388.jpg

Crew chief for champion Steve Torrence, Richard Hogan got the honors of sitting in Studezilla for the first fire up.

NHRA Finals Edits-409.jpg

A little fuel misting in the air after one of the 7 or 8 throttle whacks.

NHRA Finals Edits-410.jpg

It was an awesome experience and even a couple Pomona PD officers showed up to "check out" Studezilla and they even snapped a few photos with Scott and a few friends.

That will wrap up this blog on one of the most memorable races and it was a great way to wrap up the 2019 season.  It will be just about eight weeks until testing begins in Phoenix for a new decade of NHRA Drag Racing.